Our FREE Play Session

Our FREE weekly session

Our Dance & Play sessions are completely FREE for the local community. We have created a morning that caters for babies and toddlers up 4 years. You have the flexibility to attend our ‘Dance‘ class first thing by signing up to our Little Waddlers class here. We will then open our ‘Play‘ session directly afterwards, opening a space with soft play, music & sensory areas. 

You do not need to attend one of our dance classes to join the ‘play’ session. Equally, you can attend a dance class on another day at a different venue, or you can do it all in the one morning at our South Gyle Studio. The flexibility is yours!   

Free Play session. 9:40-11:40. No need to book, just come along!

What is the set up?


Sensory play encourages the use of all your child’s senses which allows them to build key nerve connections in the brain and further develop their motor skills. 

Allowing children to use their problem-solving skills and support their brain in developing social interaction and language skills, sensory play is a fun way for them to keep learning about all the new sights, sounds, feelings, noises and smells of the world. 

Climb & ExploreToddlers

Climb & Explore gives your little one the freedom to climb on our fabulous soft play blocks and explore being higher up, sliding down and have their own sense of freedom while still being right beside you! 

This, in addition to our sensory section, gives your little one the full experience and allows them to build on their ever growing and developing minds and bodies. 

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Send us an online enquiry or email us directly at hello@dndancebabies.co.uk

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