Our Sensory & Movement Pathway

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Why are Dance Babies classes so beneficial?

Expertly crafted sessions, carefully created by our knowledgable team. Supported by child physical development research and studies, our sessions will aid sense & movement development in babies from just 3 months. Our aim is to help little ones on their way to life on two feet!

Here’s how it works:

Wellbeing & Physical Development

Every exercise has a purpose. An aspect of physical, mental and emotional development. Underpinned by child physical development research. Learn from our knowledgable instructors about what each movement activity develops in your child.

Building Skilled Sensory Profiles

We follow our own journey finding how each of our senses work. Little ones will explore and build upon the sensations they feel, as well as what they see and hear. Throughout class your little one will experience whole-bodied sensory play.

Gaining Confidence & a Sense of Self

Baby Babas allows your little one to build confidence from such a young age. We give them the helping hand they need as they grow into themselves and experience all of lifes firsts. Join us and make their journey magical.




Our primary sense. We have over half a million touch sensors in the body. Pain receptors, pressure receptors, hot & cold receptors.



Impacting our relationship with gravity, the ground beneath us & the sky above us.



Our internal map of the body. Where each part of the body is, at any given moment.



Awareness of what is happening inside the body. Allowing us to make decisions and notice how we are.


Sight & Sound

two of our primary senses

Foundations of Play


Floor Play

Floor play is important for children of all ages. It helps muscle tone and builds trust in the ground. Floor play includes tummy play, side play, back play.


Halfway Play

 Usually weight baring on all limbs and helps build new shapes & angles. Examples are crawling, sitting & toppling, bear walking, bum shuffling, squatting push pull play.


Upright Play

Building from halfway to play that is fully upright. This can be supported or on their own two feet. Let the adventures begin!

Fun Facts


Tummy Play

Babies who spend lots of time on their tummys build their interception sense and are more likely to come out of nappies faster.


Lying & Melting

As soon as we lie a baby on a firm surface it increases the muscle tone in the part of the body that is in contact with the floor.



The vestibular sense receptors are in the inner ear. The word vestibular comes from the word ‘vestibule’ meaning corridor.

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