Our Teachers

a programme of activities tailored for babies & toddlers

About our teachers

 Our dance babies teachers are trained professional dancers with a love for teaching & performing.

 Holding qualifications across a wide range of dance styles allows our teachers to deliver versatile, engaging classes for little ones as they begin their DN Dance Babies journey.

 Our Babies teachers have also been trained in JABADAO training for physical development and wellbeing. Our programme includes elements from both professional dance & child development training which allows us to deliver classes relevant to your little ones unique point of development, while still providing the basis of dance technique combined with lots of fun!

 Miss Nicky

Miss Nicky is the fabulous founder and principle of both DN Dance and DN Dance Babies. Nicky launched DN Dance Babies back in 2017 and continues to take us from strength to strength. 

Miss Amy 

The gorgeous Miss Amy is our Lead Teacher and Head of DN Babies Development. Her warmth, enthusiasm and infectious smile make her a hit with the grown-ups and little ones alike. 

 Miss Beverley

Miss Beverley brings joy to every class. Her experience in professional performance shines through and engages both little ones and grown-ups

Miss Alex

The fabulous Miss Alex is full of energy and life. Every class is an adventure with her. She will always make sure everyone leaves with a spring in their step.

 Miss Hope

The fantastic Miss Hope brings so much joy and sparkle to class. Her love of performing shines through in every class.

 Miss Olivia

Miss Olivia’s kind nature makes little ones and grown ups feel at ease in class. Her bubbly classes have you leaving with a smile!

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