Dance Babies

a programme of dance classes tailored for parents & toddlers

Our Story

DN Dance Babies is a parent and toddler ‘introduction to dance’ programme created by DN Dance, founded by professional dancer Nicky Bleakley in 2010. DN Dance always ran classes for little ones, but it wasn’t until Nicky had her first child, in 2017, that the concept for DN Dance Babies was born.

Nicky, like every new mum, experienced the joys and challenges of parenthood. She learned first hand how instructor lead creative activities can keep a child stimulated and provide an essential bonding opportunity. She also learned the importance of interaction between young children and between new parents.

So Nicky went to work putting her experience as a new parent together with her experience as a professional and proformer. The result was a series of classes specifically tailored for babies, toddlers and parents. We launched our first classes in 2019 and continue to go from stregth to strentgh.

Meet Our Characters

Discover the joy of dance with Della Duck and Ralphie Ram!

At DN Dance Babies, we’re joined by two very special friends who help little ones discover the joy of dance in a gentle, engaging way.

Della Duck and Ralphie Ram live in a beautiful wildflower meadow. It’s a wonderful place, full of adventure, music and magic, and one that Della and Ralphie share with us in our classes.

Hear from Della how she and Ralphie became the best of friends – they dance together every day, spinning, jumping, marching and skipping through their enchanted meadow. Full of energy and fun, they love to welcome new friends to join them – what a happy pair! In fact, if you stop and listen very carefully, you might just hear the music and laughter as Della and Ralphie dance.

Our Wonderful Teachers

Miss Jane

Our wonderful Miss Jane is full of passion and joy for what she does. You’ll hear her before you see her, and she’s a favourite with the little ones.

Miss Amy

The gorgeous Miss Amy brings an infectious smile, warmth and enthusiasm to all her classes.

Miss Megan

The fabulous Miss Megan is full of energy and life. Every class is an adventure with her.

Miss Rebecca

The super talented Miss Rebecca loves to teach are the little ones, it’s her favourite age group and we can see why.

 Miss Beverley

The beautiful Miss Beverley brings joy to every class.

Brilliant teachers

“Brilliant teachers with loads of experience, energy and enthusiasm. Kids have a great time. Would highly recommend.”

Catriona McKenna

Infectious enthusiasm

“Nicky and her team have made my daughter feel welcome from the start. Such a lovely atmosphere and great classes. Lana’s enthusiasm is infectious!”

Kat MacDonald

Gaining confidence

“My child has already gained so much confidence and looks forward to the class each week!”

Lisa Andrews

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