Baby and toddler dance classes in Corstorphine, Edinburgh

DN Dance Babies runs super fun baby and toddler dance classes in three locations across Edinburgh – including the brilliant Corstorphine Community Church in the west of the city.

The first step for tiny dancers

An exciting offering from the city’s well-known DN Dance school, DN Dance Babies is a great activity for babies, toddlers and their adults. Our classes are professional, safe, and specifically-designed for little ones from 6 months to 3 years old.

We’ve planned the content and length of each class to be the perfect fit for babies and toddlers at each stage. They’re designed for children and adults to attend together, and take place in a welcoming, relaxed and fun environment – the ideal way to discover the joy of dance at an early age.

Three venues across Edinburgh

Alongside our Inverleith and Davidson’s Mains venues, we are also proud to welcome our baby and toddler dance classes to a third location, in the heart of Edinburgh’s popular Corstorphine.  Corstorphine Community Church hall is spacious and perfectly-suited to our baby and toddler dance classes. DN Dance Babies classes run here at four different levels, making it a great place for little people to take their first steps in dance.

Classes from 6 months to 3 years of age

Our Teeny Stars class is centred on the movement and repetitive elements which form the foundations of dance – a love of dance and rhythm can begin long before your baby is close to walking and can help your child’s development. Suitable from 6 months, it’s a warm and welcoming 30 minutes that lets babies and their adults join in together.

From around 12 months, or when your wee one is walking, we know they’re super-keen to start exploring and to be on the move!  Our Wee Tots class is a fun, high-energy 45 minutes for toddlers and their adults. We start to introduce some of the fundamentals of dance at this stage, with fun adventures along the way.

By age 2, children have plenty of energy and are hungry to keep learning and discovering new skills. Our Tiny Dancers class supports this, with a slightly longer 40 minute session, still with some input from their adults. At this stage, we introduce team work alongside some ballet terminology as the girls and boys gain more experience.

Once they reach 3 years old, our Little Dancers are ready to explore on their own! Grown-ups get to sit this one out while children take the opportunity to engage with others in a group setting. At this stage we focus on developing travelling, strength and co-ordination skills in a high-energy 45 minute class. Each of these fun-filled dance classes is now available in our west Edinburgh venue, Corstorphine Community Hall.  Corstorphine is a thriving area popular with families, so was the natural choice for our baby and toddler dance classes.

How to book

Enrolments are open now across all three of our DN Dance Babies locations in Edinburgh – contact us for more information, or book online now directly via the website.

Where to find us

Brilliant teachers

“Brilliant teachers with loads of experience, energy and enthusiasm. Kids have a great time. Would highly recommend.”

Catriona McKenna

Infectious enthusiasm

“Nicky and her team have made my daughter feel welcome from the start. Such a lovely atmosphere and great classes. Lana’s enthusiasm is infectious!”

Kat MacDonald

Gaining confidence

“My child has already gained so much confidence and looks forward to the class each week!”

Lisa Andrews

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